“BAD KIDS” – Directed By Mike Greenman

Bad Kids - A Look at Anti-Social Behaviour“Bad Kids” is an eye opening and gritty look at antisocial behaviour among young people. Written and Directed by Mike Greenman “Bad Kids” explore the lives of a group of young people attending a pupil referral unit. This performance gives unprecedented access to the lives of these troubled teens allowing audiences to better understand their behaviour by viewing everything they experience but do not talk about. In their debut performance MPG delivers a unrelenting and brutal representation of life growing up in the UK. Representative of Noel Clark’s “Kidulthood” Mike Greenman’s “Bad Kids” is just as honest and just as damning.

“This performance is gritty and beautiful at the same time, emotive and shocking all in one.” – Miss S.Anderson

Bad Kids RehearsalsBad Kids Rehearsal: Nat Barker & Bonnie Baddoo as Mr Cowe & Briney

Bad Kids Rehearsal: Roberto West as Felix